by Jason Callen During the day, Harry dreams about his murdered wife, seeing her in small domestic situations which he cannot control. During the night, in those rare moments when insomnia releases its grip, he dreams of red, and of indistinguishable faces. These nightmares are fed through his obsession with […]

Review: “Fear X (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2003)”

  by Jason Callen Oh what to do with a film like Legend? On the one hand it’s a fairly derivative gangster film which, when you’re talking about an American director, means derivative of Martin Scorsese, regardless of the fact that this is a story about UK gangsters.  Scorsese’s eleventh […]

Review: “Legend (Brian Helgeland, 2015)”

by Matthew Balz Over the past few years, there has been a dependable trend of films pertaining to cults and small manipulative sects of people. These films have covered a an array of perspective and scope, ranging from 2011’s award winning independent film Martha Marcy May Marlene to this year’s […]

Review: “Partisan (Kleiman, 2015)”

by Matthew Balz Horror movies have explored a multitude of ideas since their inception, but have also taken satisfaction recycling  past trends, gimmicks, and scenarios through innovative ways. At the risk of sacrificing a thorough story, William Brent Bell’s The Boy attempts to combine nostalgia for haunted-house film atmospheres with […]

Review: “The Boy (William Brent Bell, 2016)”

by Jason Callen MANGLEHORN is a film about addiction. You won’t see star Al Pacino drowned in liquor or buried in cocaine though. You won’t see him shoot junk into his veins or suck on a crack pipe either. No, Manglehorn’s addiction is much more insidious than those. Manglehorn’s drug […]

Review: “Manglehorn” (2014) by JC

Shark 2
By Matthew Balz Whereas the first Sharknado film was a stepping stone into a universe of artfully terrible CGI and cataclysmic tornadoes with teeth, Sharknado 2: The Second One is where that universe becomes bigger (not necessarily better) and more entertaining. Sharknado 2: The Second One knows what it has […]

A Look at the Franchise: Sharknado 2