“A Cure for the Wellness” trailer


Director: Gore Verbinski

Starring: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth

Synopsis: An aspiring executive ventures out to the Swiss Alps to retrieve his company’s CEO from a health facility, but discovers that there are unsettling secrets within the facility’s operations.

Notes: Gore Verbinski has always impressed me with the way he can transform a script through style and atmosphere, such as how he innovated the horror genre with the dreary unnerving mood of The Ring, the swashbuckling period adventure of The Pirates of the Caribbean, or even the ridiculously satisfying slapstick stage comedy in Moushunt. The story here of an outsider investigating a secluded community of would-be captors and would-be captives is not new (the most vivid example would be the unanimously disappointing Shutter Island) but with Verbinski at the helm we are guaranteed nothing short of a viscerally engrossing experience told in gripping visuals and dedicated characters.